A Netflix original series.
Chiara is a 16-year-old girl who attends a prestigious private high school, in which she feels lonely and unpopular. Trying to overcome the sense of emptiness she feels, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Ludovica, another outsider from school. Sometimes Chiara’s choices unwillingly compromise the relationships with people she cares about, like her childhood friends Fabio and Camilla. Other times, they help her to form new bonds, allowing her to sit at the popular kids’ table. When Damiano, the new kid in school, arrives for the first time, Chiara feels an instant attraction to him, despite their very different backgrounds. As they grow closer, Chiara learns about his troubled life and ends her secret relationship with another boy from school, Niccolò. This new emotional rollercoaster overwhelms Chiara, helping her blur the lines of the secret double life she is living with Ludovica. Still longing for acceptance, she continues to look up to Ludovica despite the toxic and sometimes dangerous influence her friend has on her. In the meantime, Ludovica has started dating Fiore, a highly manipulative older man involved in criminal activities. Together, Chiara and Ludovica embark on a discovery journey that will lead them to some very dark places, made of lies, secrets, blackmail and transgressions.
6 Episodes. Running Times 45 minutes.

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