Maria Callas is at the very peak of her success. 
Since early childhood, she has worked hard to reach her position. Now she has reached the very top. Now she is La Divina.
Europe is finally emerging from the depths of poverty and destruction wrought by WWII. People are starting to return to a normal life style, forgetting the sacrifices of the 1940s and looking up with bright optimism at the 1950s. Maria is amongst the very first international stars to emerge from this dark period, and soon achieves the status of a style icon, a symbol of elegance and perfection.
The public flocks to the Opera. Her fans are so intent to attend one of her concerts, that any seat is acceptable, however uncomfortable. Anything to hear that divine voice. A once in a lifetime experience. 
Then one day, Maria suddenly turns her back on her incredible success, abandoning her adoring public, the heavenly music, the hours, days, months and years of dedicated, exhausting rehearsals.
Farewell to ambition. And art.
All for a man, the great love of her life: Aristotle Onassis.