Rai fiction

A good –looking young man, hungry for life experience, sports and a restless seducer, Lino Zani is a ski instructor and a skilled climber. He has grown up on the edge of a glacier standing at a height of over 3000 meters, where his family runs a shelter, and the mountain is a part of his personality. Like most young adults, though, he has yet to find his path in life: he certainly never expects that self-realization will be inspired by a deep and unexpected friendship with one of the most influential spiritual leaders on the planet: Pope John Paul II. 
When the Pope treats himself to a short skiing vacation with his friend and then Italian President Sandro Pertini, his choice of accommodation is the shelter run by Lino’s family.
Lino and Wojtyla are, naturally, two very different men. Both, however, realize they have more in common than they initially believe: a drive to reach the top and the urge to discover what lies on the other side. 
Days of climbing and skiing together pass by, and Lino and Wojtyla learn to know, respect and appreciate each other despite their very obvious differences. This is the true story of an authentic friendship, which will bond them until Wojtyla’s death, allowing Lino to find his inner path. A path which will guide him to the top of Mount Everest and beyond….

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