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De Angelis 


Marco De Angelis is the CEO, together with Nicola De Angelis, of Fabula Pictures. Marco is the Head of Production of all the audiovisual and film projects by Fabula, ensuring their production value and economic coherence. With many years of experience in the field of music production, as well as musician, Marco is also the Music Supervisor of Fabula projects. He curated the soundtrack of the series Baby, which was a great success. Marco is dedicated to the development of movies, making about one feature film per year. He is also responsible for the development of new areas of the Fabula business like service production, documentaries, animation.

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De Angelis



Nicola De Angelis is the CEO, alongside Marco De Angelis, of Fabula Pictures. He is the creative heart of the society and personally coordinates the development of each project, both from the editorial and the technical-artistic point of view. He had also been the showrunner of “BABY”, the second Italian Netflix Original series. He has always been focused on the international dimension of the Italian tv series, being able to make agreements for the production and/or the development of works with the major national (Mediaset, Sky, Rai) and international (Netflix, Amazon, Skybound…) broadcasters. He personally deals with the Italian and foreign networks and is responsible for the institutional
relations. Since 2019, he has been an executive of the Association of Audiovisual Producers (Associazione Produttori Audiovisivi, APA).

Film, Series &  Production Service

Engaged in developing and producing content in collaboration with major broadcasters and streaming platforms, Fabula Pictures is considered one of the freshest and most innovative Italian production companies, naturally inclined to partner with international broadcasters and global co-producers. Starting from December, 2018 Fabula Pictures has joined the Federation Entertainment Group, expanding its capacity to create and finance major international projects.

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