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Directed by: Steve St. Leger, Nicola Sorcinelli, Antonio Le Fosse

Tv Series: 6x45'

Release: Netflix 2024

Loosely based on the lives of real historical figures, Brigands is an adventure made of rebellion, love and courage on the quest for the legendary treasure of the South.
1862, Southern Italy. Filomena, of humble birth, is married to a rich, possessive and violent bourgeois. Rebelling against her destiny, Filomena is forced to take refuge in the woods where she meets dangerous bandits, but not before having stolen from her husband the map leading to the hiding place of the hard-to-find Gold of the Red Shirts. Filomena wants to join the revolt led by Michelina di Cesare, whose group notoriously fights for freedom. Instead, she is captured by the ruthless Monaco gang and will have to gain Ciccilla's trust to save her life, while a bold and mysterious bounty hunter, Sparviero, sets out on her trail. Meanwhile, General Fumel, ruthless representative of the new Kingdom of Italy, manipulates the gangs of bandits to pit them against each other. In an impoverished Southern Italy exploited by the Piedmontese occupation, the destinies of Filomena and Sparviero will unite in an epic hunt for a mythical treasure, which will pit bandits against the newly established Kingdom of Italy, but also bandits against bandits.

Screenplay by GRAMS* (collective of authors formed by Eleonora Trucchi, Antonio Le Fosse, Re Salvador, Marco Raspanti and Giacomo Mazzariol)

Michela De Rossi, Ivana Lotito, Matilda Lutz, Marlon Joubert, Orlando Cinque, Pietro Micci 

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