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Directed by: Carmine Elia

Series: 12 x 50'

Release: Rai 2, Raiplay, Prime Video 2023


Five teens.
Five stories of difficult teenagehoods.
Five extraordinary powers rooted in their deepest fears and desires. Able to twist their lives and push them face to face with their limits, their desires, their ghosts, and their responsibilities. A coming of age that combines drama, action and irony in an original and compelling narrative, able to renew and rewrite the canons of the young
adult tale of superheroes. No hyperbolic missions, no universe to save, or super powerful supervillains to fight. But a coming-of-age story totally focused on the characters in which the superpowers are a metaphor of the difficulties and possibilities that teenagers are called to face. A moving fresco, strong, fun and unsettling of a society, our and a parenthesis of life, the adolescence in which, we all,
at least once, have dreamed and desired to have superpowers. To fight the injustices that surround them. Overcome your own insecurity. Accept yourself. Or find out that the cancer that killed your mother wasn’t the result of a terrible accident. And then
your powers and those of the other guys who, in the meantime, have become your friends can make a difference. Return her justice. Prevent the powers that be from going unpunished. Do the right thing. Without imagining that someone is watching you. Aware, unlike you, of the true origin of your sudden powers. Rooted in a forgotten event. Able to completely rewrite classical mythology and the history of
Italy and Europe as we know it. A shocking truth, whose secret lurks in the most inaccessible rooms of the Vatican.


Emanuele Di Stefano, Margherita Aresti, Milo Roussel, Giulio Pranno, Sofya Gershevich, Giulia Lin, Nicolas Maupas, Giacomo Giorgio, Valentina Romani, Beatrice Vendramin, Claudia Pandolfi, Pian Lanciotti, Gaetano Bruno, Antonio Liskova, Ettore Bassi

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