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Regia: Michela Andreozzi

Film: 93 min 

Release: Prime Video 2024


Maddalena is 30 years old, 20 pounds overweight and has 0 self-esteem. She works as a ghostwriter for a publishing company that specializes in cheesy self-help manuals and celebrity “autobiographies”.
At the office, she gets exploited on a daily basis, especially by the senior editor Donato, who she has a mega crush on…
Things are no better in the family either, as her mother Grazia, (very Catholic), keeps comparing Maddalena to her younger sister Maria, who’s only 27 years old and is already pregnant with her second child.
The only one Maddalena can vent her frustrations to her roommate Stefano who is a proud member of the so-called “gaymer” community, that comprises of LGBTQI+ individuals who are into all the geeky things that range between cosplay, dungeons & dragons and video games. After being once more rejected by Donato, Maddalena becomes convinced that no man will ever find her attractive. She thinks that she might have finally hit rock bottom until, one stormy night, she has a super strange vision…which comes in the form of real-life porn star Valentina Nappi, who claims to be some sort of imaginary guardian angel, summoned to solve all of her
problems! From this point on, Valentina will take Maddalena on a funny, cathartic journey toward self-discovery. A process that will lead her to regain her self-esteem and finally find the true love of her life!
Still Fabulous is a fun, romantic comedy movie about a young woman who believes she is unworthy of love. Thanks to an unlikely guardian angel however, she will come to finally feel like herself: beautiful, sexy and fabulous!


Diana Del Bufalo, Valentina Nappi, Raoul Bova, Angela Finocchiaro, Alessandro Tiberi, Fabrizio Colica, Jenny De Nucci, Sara Baccarini, Camilla Filippi, Niccolo Senni, Ludovica di Donato, Andrea Dianetti

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