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Directed by: Simona e Ricky Tognazzi

Series: 6×50’

Release: RTI, Canale 5 (2021)


Strong and independent, Nanà is a wonderful mother and a loving wife. Suddenly one sad day, her daughter ends up in a coma and is later diagnosed with leukemia. After an initial moment of desperation and pain, Nanà, starts her fight against the local steel plant, perhaps responsible for spreading the toxin that poisoned her little child. Nanà’s husband Sergio has been working at the steel plant for the last twenty years as foreman, a job that allowed him to proudly provide for his family. To turn around not only one’s individual destiny, but the destiny of the whole community, there is no need for a superhero. All it takes is a woman like Nanà, who manages to keep intact her ability of dreaming, of believing in love and, foremost, that union and collaboration can comply with the miracle of erasing the evil from the world. Or, at least, contain it.

Script by Simona Izzo, Fabrizio Bettelli, Roberta Colombo and Matteo Bondioli.


Sabrina Ferilli, Ettore Bassi, Francesco Arca, Massimo Popolizio, Veruska Rossi, Francesco Venditti, Ettore Tagliabue

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