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Directed by: Marco Danieli
Movie: 1h 45’
Release: Lucky Red (2019)


Apulia, the ’70s. Young and rebellious, Francesca has travelled the world following the wave of sexual and cultural liberation that spread among her generation. When she returns to her hometown to stay close to her mother, who is really sick, Francesca is a completely different person from the one who Matteo, her ex boyfriend, remembers. It takes just one look between the two to understand that their love has never been more alive than this… A love
story that pays homage to Battisti and Mogol, one of the best artistic collaborations of Italian music.

Script by Isabella Aguilar.


Michele Riondino, Laura Chiatti, Valeria Bilello, Thomas Trabacchi Giulio Beranek, Alex Sparrow, Gabriele Granito

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