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Directed by: Davide Marengo, Marta Savina

Series: 8x50'

Release: Sky 2024


Elio, a successful lawyer with a beautiful family, has a memory gap. He doesn't remember anything about a vacation he had 30ish years before, a summer spent camping with his friends and chasing the love of his young life: Arianna. She had disappeared without trace, while 18-year-old Elio woke several days later from a coma without any recollection of what happened. Today, after her body is found, Elio begins to travel back and forth to that summer and tries to discover who killed her, throwing his life into turmoil in the vague hope of saving her. But are we sure he is really travelling back or is this just a trick of his own messed-up mind?

Script by Valerio Cilio, Michele Alberico, Massimo Bacchini, Federico Favot


Claudia Pandolfi, Lino Guanciale, Filippo Scotti, Antonia Fotaras, Paolo Pierabon, Alessio Praticò, Nicole Grimaudo, Ginevra Francesconi, Luca Vannuccini, Tobia De Angelis, Martina Gatti,, Sofia Iacuitto, Giovanni Buselli, Francesco Della Torre, Giulio Tropea, Giulio Turbolente, Orlando Cinque, Anna Ferzetti

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